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Teach Engineering & Technology Solutions is a novel Higher Education lectureship service company with a team of highly qualified lecturers who are passionate and committed to helping post-16 students reach their full potential. We apply a novel, innovative and hugely successful method of pedagogy that teaches from the solution down to the problem from an engineering, technological and entrepreneurial standpoint instead of the traditional approach of teaching and learning. Whether you would benefit from weekly tutoring, need help in university exam preparations or you are looking into honing your research skills in delivering a first class dissertation at Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate levels, help on specific topics, specific modules and units in Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science and Information Technology, our team are always on hand to talk to you and provide tailor-made solutions that will match your academic and professional needs, company targets, organization mission, and personality. Our classes range from a one to one teaching and learning to a maximum of ten students per lecture.

We will help give you confidence in your ability and ensure that the results you receive in the future will reflect this. Currently based in London, we believe that it is integral to offer only the best with regards to lecturing services since we have each student’s best interests and development at heart. From online tuition face to face lectures, our lecturers offer an extensive range of services and believe that it is important to have a consultation beforehand to ensure that each student gets the most out of their chosen specific lectures. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service, and therefore, each family and student is important to us; and that we want to make sure that any and all questions you have are answered appropriately and promptly.

We are aimed at excellence in Higher Education (HE) teaching and learning including adults and women who may wish to return to their academic studies. Our aim is to augment the education and skills of the growing UK, global student and adult working populations wishing to uplift themselves studying for a degree, a university education or HE, a professional, vocational and Further Education Knowledge in engineering and technology at Level 3 and HE access courses; and to meet the technological, entrepreneurial and managerial challenges of the 21st century in the UK in particular; and internationally in general. Whatever the Exam Board you are taking your qualifications including the City & Guilds Institute of London, A Levels, BTEC Nationals and Highers or universities in the UK and around the world, your learning needs will be met.

Teach Engineering & Technology Solutions also includes engineering and technological research and consultancy as our objectives. The fundamental ethos and vision lie in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) weekend, holiday face to face lectures and online excellence in teaching and learning; excelling in research and consultancy, curriculum development and that excellence is attained in the expanding UK and global HE sector.

The idea was conceived as an educational learning platform in the UK; and to attract especially UK, EU, and overseas students to study, principally, in Higher Education (HE) and to develop their talents in professional courses of engineering and technology; and to a limited extent, in the Further Education (FE) curricula. Our mission statement stipulates: "We believe that science, engineering, technology, and mathematics (STEM) education should be accessible to all at an affordable rate so that the gap in skills shortage in employment in these sectors in the UK, as well as the global work force, may be plugged; and that, with the emergence of globalized businesses and enterprises, Teach Engineering & Technology Solutions will meet the challenges of this demand by supplying first class lectures and master classes at the stated qualification levels for UK nationals, overseas students and the local community including the disadvantaged." As time progresses, other relevant courses that meet our aims and objectives that center around academic excellence will be made available to the wider community; and that there are plans to increase the different vital facilities that are deemed to have a positive impact on the quality of education in the UK; and the wider international audience.

We hope the local, national and international communities will take advantage of this new vision of our institution, and that these great opportunities will further their well-deserved careers and aspirations. We depend on the confidence you invest on us in delivering these high standard lectures and master classes with the highest level of our qualified academic staff and management team that are in place.

Please, do join us to make London, the UK and the world a better place with sound and effective education for all.

Yours sincerely,

Louis Mbua Egbe Ph.D. MSc BEng DipEd.

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